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Security Council fails to issue statement on DPRK missile launch

All dailies wrote from New York that the UN Security Council convened a closed emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss North Korea’s missile launch on Tuesday. The U.S., Japan, and South Korea strongly denounced the latest provocation, but the council failed to issue a statement denouncing Pyongyang due to Chinese opposition. The recent decision by Seoul to allow the U.S. military to deploy a THAAD missile defense platform in South Korea probably prompted China to resist releasing a statement. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga on Thursday expressed strong regret at the Chinese opposition.   


In a related development, Yomiuri wrote that Ambassador Kennedy met with Foreign Minister Kishida yesterday to discuss the DPRK missile launch. The two officials affirmed close coordination to deal with North Korea. MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Director General Kanasugi also spoke by phone with his U.S. and ROK counterparts and they agreed to make additional diplomatic efforts to press the Security Council to issue a statement in protest of the North Korean provocation.


Tokyo Shimbun took up an announcement made by the ROK Defense Ministry yesterday that missile data to be collected by the U.S. military’s THAAD platform will be shared with Japan. Noting that Seoul had been negative about such a possibility in the past, the daily said the Park administration apparently made a policy turnabout in the face of China’s persistent opposition to the THAAD deployment.

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