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52% against extension of LDP president’s term, Kyodo News spot poll

  • August 5, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 6
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Kyodo News conducted a spot nationwide public opinion poll on Aug. 3–4 in response to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s third cabinet reshuffle. Some 52.5% of pollees said that “it would be best not to extend” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s term as LDP president, which ends in September 2018. Only 37.8% said that it would best to extend the term. The cabinet support rate was 52.9%, about the same as the 53.0% found in the previous poll conducted July 11–12. The nonsupport rate was 30.9%, some 3.8 percentage points lower than the figure of 34.7% in the previous poll.


Asked if they approved of the appointment of former LDP Policy Research Council Chairman Tomomi Inada to the post of minister of defense, 43.0% said “no” while 32.1% said “yes.” Meanwhile, 43.2% said they have hopes for Toshihiro Nikai [as LDP secretary-general] while 40.2% said otherwise.


Some 41.3% of respondents said they approve of the reshuffled cabinet lineup and the new LDP leadership, while 34.2% assessed it negatively. This stands in contrast to the approval ratings for the reshuffle in October 2015 when 35.4% said they approved and 40.1% said otherwise.


In regard to the government’s economic package worth a total of 28 trillion yen in public works approved by the cabinet on Aug. 2, some 21.0% said that they thought “the economy will improve” as a result of the measures while 65.0% said they thought “the economy will not improve.”


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