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Tokyo governor determined to support students, women

  • August 9, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 7
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The newly elected Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike, said during an interview that in order to prevent income differences from causing students to give up their dreams, the metropolitan government will establish for high school students a system of financial aid without payback obligation.


The governor said that in designing the program, she will take into consideration the fact that Tokyo has many private schools, consider how to fund the program, and conduct a study of similar cases overseas.


The Tokyo metropolitan government is currently running programs to subsidize education costs for low-income families, and to provide no-interest financial aid to Tokyo high school students who have difficulty going to school for financial reasons despite their desire to study. According to the city, the program supported 4,710 students in 2014.


In regard to the issue of childrearing, Koike believes a good childrearing environment will encourage women to rejoin the workforce. “If they start working, it will increase the need for more preschools, which is a good sign,” she said. “When you think about Japanese society, every field can benefit from greater female participation and contributions. We plan to utilize all kinds of resources including parks and vacant houses to accommodate female participation. Joint efforts between different sections in the government will give us more options.”


Koike notes, “It is a hassle to take kids to a faraway daycare center. I think it is better to have a number of small-size centers at convenient places nearby. I would like to provide support for such day-to-day needs.” (Abridged)

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