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Foreign media outlets report on Emperor’s televised message

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By Tomonori Ishikawa in Washington


Despite it being early in the morning on the East Coast of the United States, major U.S. media outlets reported on the Emperor’s televised message on Aug. 8 as breaking news and provided live coverage.


While airing video footage of the Emperor, CNN reported that “the Japanese Emperor delivered a rare televised message.” In live coverage from Tokyo, the broadcaster reported the “the world renowned Emperor strongly indicated his intention to abdicate on account of his advanced age and health.”


The New York Times reported as breaking news on the Emperor’s video message about 15 minutes after it was aired on Japanese television. The paper reported that “Emperor Akihito appeared in an extremely rare televised message and asked the people to let him retire.” It also reported that the Emperor referred to the need to revise the Imperial Household Law.

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