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Gov’t making preparations to provide effective support to remote islands

  • August 9, 2016
  • , Akahata , p. 2
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The Act on Preserving Remote Island Areas, a law to preserve and support Japan’s inhabited remote islands, is scheduled to take effect next April. In preparation, the government will send advisors to 71 of the islands that have been selected as being eligible for additional government support. The advisors will conduct research to help draft plans shore up the regional economies that will prevent the islands from becoming uninhabited. The second supplementary budget for 2016 will include funding for the program.


The law stipulates that the government will purchase land, maintain port facilities, and prevent illegal entry at remote islands inhabited by Japanese citizens. The Tokyo government will finance the plan designed by the overseeing municipalities to support local communities in order to maintain permanent inhabitation of the 71 islands.


The advisors will visit the islands in two stages, with each group consisting of specialists who will analyze various issues such as employment, industry, and tourism. The 71 islands eligible for the program are listed below:


Rishirito, Rebunto, Okushirito (Hokkaido)

Southern part of the Izu islands (Tokyo)

Sadogashima (Niigata Prefecture)

Hegurajima (Ishikawa Prefecture)

The Oki islands (Shimane Prefecture)

Mishima (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Tsushimajima, Ikinoshima, the Goto archipelago (Nagasaki Prefecture)

The Iijima archipelago, Tanegashima, Yakushima, Mishima, the Tokara archipelago (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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