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DP’s Maehara asks Nagashima for support in leadership election

  • August 16, 2016
  • , Yomiuri , p. 4
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Concerning the Democratic Party (DP) presidential election (official campaign starting on Sept. 2; voting on Sept. 15), Seiji Maehara, former foreign minister, and Akihisa Nagashima, former parliamentary senior vice-minister for defense, met in the Diet building on Aug. 15. Maehara asked Nagashima to forgo running in the party leadership race and support him instead. Nagashima refrained from making a decision and said he would discuss it with his group (of about five members). Nagashima intends to consider Maehara’s request with an eye on forgoing his plan to run in the election.


Since Goshi Hosono, former environment minister, will likely support Acting President Renho, Maehara apparently has judged it indispensable to secure Nagashima’s cooperation.


However, there are gaps between the views of Maehara and Nagashima on the coalition of opposition parties. Although Nagashima has strongly opposed election cooperation with the Japanese Communist Party, Maehara has taken the position of tolerating cooperation with the JCP in elections on the condition of agreement on policies. In the monthly magazine “Sekai,” which went on sale on August 8, he said, “While deepening policy discussion, the coalition of opposition parties should be pushed forward.” After carefully confirming Maehara’s position, Nagashima intends to make a decision on whether he should respond to his request for support. (Slightly abridged)

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