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Top LDP official keen to strengthen ties with Okinawa

Yomiuri focused on LDP Secretary General Nikai’s recent overtures to Okinawa, noting that he is taking a conciliatory line toward Governor Onaga by capitalizing on his close ties with the Okinawa leader’s elder brother. The top LDP politician is anxious to regain local support for the ruling party, as there are no LDP politicians representing the island prefecture following the defeat of then Okinawa Affairs Minister Shimajiri in the July Upper House race. Nikai’s soft approach toward Okinawa marks a sharp contrast to that of the Kantei, which is inclined to link central government grants to progress on Futenma relocation. Noting that one of Nikai’s closest associates, Tsuruho. was tapped as Okinawa affairs minister in the recent cabinet reshuffle, the daily said Nikai is set to use economic stimulus to make up lost ground.   

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