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MEXT Minister Matsuno acknowledges need for more teachers

  • August 17, 2016
  • , Mainichi , p. 5
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Q: There is a strong demand for increasing the number of teaching staff in order to meet the various needs of schools. What do you intend to do?


A: Today’s teaching environment has become more complex and diversified. We intend to introduce specialized classes and active learning opportunities in schools so that students can learn a subject through active participation in discussions, etc. Looking forward over the next ten years, we need to review the number of publicly funded teaching staff. We would like to create an environment in which regional communities can determine the number of teachers in advance.


Q: What are your plans for the introduction of a student financial aid system that doesn’t have a payback obligation?


A: A team, which is headed by the Senior Vice-Minister, is currently studying possible designs for the financial aid system. We plan to reach a conclusion through the FY 2017 budget compilation process and then put the final design into practice.


Q: What will the transfer of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to Kyoto accomplish?  What is the proposed timeline?


A: The transfer must contribute to the revitalization and re-development of the region, as well as enhance the agency’s capacity. As an administrative organization, we must present a detailed explanation and receive approval from Diet members. We are discussing “the complete transfer of the agency within several years.” I intend to continue working to achieve that goal.


Q: Regarding the fast-breeder reactor “Monju” (Fukui Prefecture), what is your plan for a new governing body to replace the Japan Atomic Energy Agency?


A: A study committee under former MEXT minister Hiroshi Hase issued a report in May that outlines the qualifications the new governing body should have. In accordance with the report’s findings, we will coordinate our efforts with related ministries and agencies and solve any budgetary, systematic, or organizational issues that might arise.

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