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Abe to support Japanese firms’ inroads into Cuban market

  • August 19, 2016
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has begun to look into the possibility of visiting Cuba in September. If the trip is realized, it would be the first-ever visit to Cuba by a Japanese prime minister. The government will make arrangements for Abe’s meetings with President Raul Castro and his elder brother Fidel Castro. Abe will likely put forward support measures such as the expansion of government official assistance (ODA). He aims to promote Japanese companies’ inroads into the Cuban market while supporting Cuba’s economic growth as the country has normalized diplomatic ties with the United States.


After delivering a speech at the UN General Assembly in late September, Abe is expected to visit Havana, the capital of Cuba. He will make a final decision in consideration of an extraordinary Diet session to be convened in September.


Although Cuba normalized relations with the U.S. last year, Cuba is lagging behind in development. In light of the prospects for economic growth in Cuba, Japan hopes to strengthen relations with the island country.


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