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DP leader criticizes Abe’s alleged opposition to “no first use” policy by U.S.

Concerning a recent media report that Prime Minister Abe conveyed to PACOM Commander Harris in July Japan’s opposition to President Obama’s purported desire to adopt a policy of “no first use” of nuclear weapons, TBS reported that DP President Okada criticized the GOJ on Aug. 18. Okada said that the Japanese government should cooperate with President Obama’s efforts to pursue his goal to achieve a “world without nuclear weapons,” adding that the significance of the President’s visit to Hiroshima will be diminished if Japan fails to support his efforts. Okada also stated that Abe should tell the Japanese people whether he actually conveyed Japan’s opposition to the U.S.


In a related development, Nikkei wrote that Komeito Chief Representative Yamaguchi stated at a news conference on Aug. 18: “We would like to watch with positive expectancy what kind of steps President Obama will take toward his goal of a world without nuclear weapons. There are many ways to reconsider the role of nuclear weapons.” The paper interpreted this remark to mean that Yamaguchi is hoping that the U.S. will adopt a “no first use” policy from the viewpoint of nuclear disarmament.


Tokyo Shimbun ran a Kyodo report on press remarks today by Hiroshima Mayor Matsui, during which he commented on a U.S. media report on Prime Minister Abe’s alleged opposition to a “no first use” policy by the U.S. Matsui expressed his hope that President Obama will address the issue by giving consideration to the A-bombed cities. The mayor said that MOFA has told him that it is not true that the issue of “no first use” was discussed at the talks between the prime minister and the PACOM commander.

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