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Japan to upgrade F-15s

Sunday’s Nikkei reported on a Defense Ministry plan to upgrade Japan’s existing F-15s in order to respond to aerial provocations by the Chinese over the East China Sea. The number of air-to-air missiles carried by the fighter jets will be doubled to 16 and their wings will be overhauled to improve their durability. Because Japan’s F-35s will not be deployed until FY2017 starting at ASDF Misawa base, the ministry believes that upgrading the existing fleet of some 200 F-15s is essential to enhance air defense over the East China Sea.


In a related development, the paper wrote on Monday that the GOJ will step up Japan’s defense around the Senkaku Islands by allocating about 60 billion yen in the FY2016 supplementary budget to the building of three new coast guard ships and additional funding in the FY2017 budget.

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