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Kantei, LDP at odds over when to convene autumn Diet session

  • August 23, 2016
  • , Sankei
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Sankei wrote that the Kantei and the ruling LDP are engaged in a “tug of war” over when to convene the extraordinary Diet session. The Kantei is insisting on Sept. 13 with the goal of enacting the FY2016 supplementary budget and ensuring parliamentary approval of TPP legislation at an early date. The LDP leadership led by Secretary General Nikai, on the other hand, has proposed that the session be started on Sept. 26 out of consideration for the DP presidential election to be held on Sept. 15 so as to allow the new opposition leader to better prepare for Diet debates. Nikai is hoping to take a conciliatory line toward the largest opposition party in the belief that obtaining cooperation from the DP will be essential to pass key legislation. The paper added that there may be little difference between the two options in terms of holding substantive parliamentary discussions because PM Abe plans to travel to New York and Cuba in late September.  

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