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PM Abe calls North Korea’s missile launch “unacceptable, reckless act”

NTV reported that PM Abe told reporters this morning that North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine is “a grave threat against Japan’s security” and “an unacceptable, reckless act that undermines regional peace and stability.” The premier also reportedly told reporters that the missile launch is a clear violation of UNSC resolutions and that Japan lodged a strong protest with North Korea. PM Abe also stressed that the GOJ will work closely with the international community and respond firmly.


The network also quoted visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang as telling reporters after his meeting with LDP Secretary General Nikai this morning: “We do not want the situation to become complicated or tense. China’s position remains unchanged. We are opposed to North Korea’s nuclear and missile development process.” According to the network, Wang pointed out during his meeting with Nikai that the joint military exercise between the U.S. and South Korea provoked North Korea.

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