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China displeased with Abe’s speech in Kenya

Mainichi published a Jiji report on remarks made on Sunday by a senior Chinese diplomat, who expressed displeasure with PM Abe’s speech at TICAD in Nairobi, during which the Japanese leader said: “Japan bears the responsibility of fostering the confluence of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and of Asia and Africa into a place that values freedom and the rule of law.” The Chinese official took issue with this remark, which was apparently made with China in mind, by saying that it is wrong for Tokyo to “meddle in the development of Africa by addressing the issues of different regions.”


Tokyo Shimbun wrote that the Chinese government is alarmed that Japan held the TICAD in Africa for the first time, explaining that Beijing is stepping up its criticism of the Japanese initiative based on the judgment that Tokyo is extending overtures to Africa with the goal of undermining China’s presence there and seeking African support for its bid to obtain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.  

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