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MOD officially decides on record budget request for FY2017

  • August 31, 2016
  • , NHK
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NHK reported online that the Defense Ministry officially decided this morning to request a record-high sum of 5.1685 trillion yen for the FY2017 budget in order to strengthen measures against North Korea’s ballistic missile launches. The network said the budget includes funds for obtaining higher performance interceptor missiles to be mounted on Aegis-equipped vessels and introducing PAC3 missiles designed to intercept a broader spectrum of missiles. It also includes funds for developing surface-to-ship missiles and constructing new types of submarines in order to boost Japan’s defense of remote islands and surrounding waters, with China’s maritime advancement in mind. The budget request also includes increasing the number of defense attaches, in charge of collecting military and terrorist-related information overseas, in the Philippines and Vietnam.

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