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Main weaponry items included in MOD’s FY2017 budget request

  • September 1, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 2
  • JMH Translation


New type of 3,000-ton class submarine


76 billion yen

F-35 fighter jets


94.6 billion yen

Improvements to PAC-3 MSE interceptors


105.6 billion yen

Osprey vertical takeoff and landing transport aircraft


39.3 billion yen

KC-46A aerial refueling aircraft


31.8 billion yen

Assembly of Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle


17.3 billion yen


The Defense Ministry’s budget request for FY2017, the first since the enactment of the security laws in March, is the highest ever at 5.1 trillion yen. One of the reasons for the large increase is the acquisition of new weaponry to meet the needs of the activities Japan is expected to perform under the new security laws. The deployment of the new defense system will accelerate military cooperation with the U.S.


North Korea’s nuclear and missile development as well as the need to prepare for incidents that could arise from China’s intrusions into waters around the Senkaku Islands have led to costly weapons procurement and improvements.


In the face of North Korea’s missile threats, the budget request for missile interceptor system reinforcements has increased rapidly since Prime Minister Abe took office, now totaling 187.2 billion yen. The Maritime Self-Defense Force plans to introduce improved SM-3 missile interceptors to be loaded onto Aegis ships, as well as to increase the number of Aegis vessels. An improved version of the Patriot Advanced Capability 3 (PAC-3) missile will also be introduced.


Up until now Japan has only been expected to intercept missiles when they target Japan. However under the new security laws, Japan will be able to intercept missiles that are judged to pose threats to Japan’s existence even when they target other countries such as the U.S.


Under the security laws, U.S. aircraft may receive support from Japanese aerial refueling aircraft.


As a possible scenario for exercising the right to collective self-defense, the government has cited the defense of U.S. ships carrying Japanese citizens escaping from the Korean Peninsula in the event of a crisis. F-35 fighter jets and a Global Hawk, which will be purchased for the purpose of defending remote islands, also have the capability to defend U.S. ships. (Abridged)

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