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GOJ alarmed by North Korea’s progress in nuclear development

An NTV reporter said the GOJ is extremely alarmed by North Korea’s progress in nuclear development, quoting PM Abe as telling reporters this morning: “It is likely that North Korea conducted a nuclear test. If it did carry out a nuclear test, it is simply unacceptable. We must lodge a strong protest.” The premier also expressed the view that Tokyo will work closely with the U.S. and South Korea as well as the UN. The network said the GOJ has convened a National Security Council meeting to analyze the information and discuss measures. A senior MOD official reportedly said the power of the nuclear test was probably two to three times greater than the last nuclear test conducted in January. The reporter also quoted another MOD official as saying: “Although it is unknown how much progress North Korea has made in nuclear development in addition to its progress in missile development as seen in the successful launch of the SBLM, it will become a grave threat if North Korea makes progress in the development of nuclear weapons to the extent that they can be mounted on missiles.” Meanwhile, a GOJ official lamented that there is “nothing to be done” since North Korea has been ignoring criticism from the international community.

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