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High court to issue ruling on Henoko landfill permit

  • September 15, 2016
  • , Nikkei
  • JMH Summary

Nikkei reported that the Naha Branch of the Fukuoka High Court is expected to issue a ruling tomorrow on the dispute between the central government and Okinawa over the legality of Governor Onaga’s rescindment of the landfill permit for FRF construction that was originally granted by former Governor Nakaima. Although both sides are reportedly confident about winning the case, Onaga will perhaps remain defiant even if he is defeated. He may take additional administrative measures to delay the relocation, such as a “withdrawal” of the landfill permit, which is legally different from “rescindment.” The governor can withdraw the permit by citing a “change in situation” after it was issued. In contrast, Onaga rescinded the permit on account of “administrative flaws” when it was granted by his predecessor. The Okinawa leader may also refuse to approve changes to the FRF construction plan. 

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