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Top LDP official anxious to repair ties with Okinawa

  • September 15, 2016
  • , Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nikkei, Sankei, Tokyo Shimbun
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All papers took up a meeting held yesterday between LDP Secretary General Nikai and Okinawa Governor Onaga in Naha, noting that the top LDP politician pledged to make efforts to support local economic development. According to Sankei, the governor welcomed Nikai’s willingness to hold dialogue with the island prefecture, which is markedly different from the Abe administration’s hardline approach toward the governor over Futenma relocation. The daily highlighted concern by some party officials that the veteran LDP lawmaker’s pro-dialogue line may cause a schism with the central government, as Nikai did not mention the GOJ’s commitment to moving forward with FRF construction off Camp Schwab. 

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