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Mori to replace Yasuoka as head of Lower House constitution commission

  • September 15, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 6
  • JMH Translation

The Liberal Democratic Party on Wednesday began finalizing the appointment of Eisuke Mori, the chairman of LDP Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision of the Constitution, to head the Lower House Commission on the Constitution. The commission will be the central venue in the Diet for discussion on constitutional revision. LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai will meet with Mori on Thursday to confirm the appointment. The new appointment was triggered by opposition from within the party to the decision to reappoint the current commission chairman, Okiharu Yasuoka.


Mori was recently reappointed to the chairmanship of the LDP’s constitution headquarters. Instead of holding two positions concurrently, Mori is expected to leave the headquarters’ post to take up the commission chairmanship. It is likely that he will try to reach a consensus with opposition parties in efforts to realize the constitutional revision that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is aiming to achieve.


Yasuoka had been the chairman of the Lower House commission since December 2014. During a question-and-answer session in July of last year, constitutional scholars, including those endorsed by the LDP, unanimously condemned the security legislation that was being discussed as unconstitutional. This led to an increased public opinion against the security laws. The reappointment of Yasuoka, who chaired the session at the time of the disarray, invited criticism from the party, resulting in the change.


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