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  • September 21, 2016
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NHK, NTV, and Fuji TV gave top play to reports on damage caused by Typhoon Malakas, which has turned into a tropical cyclone and is moving up the Pacific coast. TBS and TV Asahi led with reports that cyanogen compound exceeding the environmental standard was detected in pools of water found underneath the buildings of the new fish market in Toyosu.


Top stories in national dailies included a cabinet meeting today to discuss what to do with the Monju fast-breeder reactor (Asahi, Mainichi); a GOJ plan to draw up a new roadmap for an alternative to Monju based on a joint study with France (Yomiuri); the first increase in nine years in Japan’s commercial land values (Nikkei); and Prime Minister Abe’s meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (Sankei).

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