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Bestsellers in August 2016

  • August 31, 2016
  • JMH Translation

The following is the monthly ranking of bestsellers released by book wholesaler Nippan Shuppan Hanbai Inc. (NIPPAN) on August 31:



Sep. 11. Konbini Ningen by Sayaka Murata

[Convenience store people]


In this book, Murata writes about her real-life experience working at a convenience store. Murata won the 155th Akutagawa Prize for this book, In order to gain inspiration for characters and plots, she continues to work as a part-time employee at a convenience store even after winning prestigious literary prizes, including the Mishima Yukio Prize.






Betatto 16082201

2.  Donnani Karadaga Katai Hito demo Bettato Kaikyaku Dekiruyoni Naru Sugoi Hoho by Eiko

[Anyone can do a full split]


This book introduces exercises to help people become more limber and achieve their flexibility goals.








Sep. 3

3.  Nademonogatari by Ishin Nishio



Nademonogatari is a Japanese light novel series about the supernatural. The book was illustrated by Taiwanese illustrator Vohan. The novel is  the 21st volume of the Monogatari series. Nishio is a novelist and manga artist.







Sep. 4

4.  Umi no Mieru Rihatsuten by Hiroshi Ohihara

[A barber shop with a view of the sea]


Ogiwara received this year’s Naoki Prize for this book. It is a collection of stories describing the complicated love-hate relations of families. Ogiwara has been nominated as a Naoki Prize candidate five times.








5.  Rikuo by Jun Ikeido



“Rikuo” is a novel about a long-established manufacturer of tabi (traditional Japanese socks) trying to enter the running shoes business by taking advantage of its expertise in making tabi.




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