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Congress adopts motion calling for probe into suspected abduction of American by DPRK

20160930 morning1Sankei front-paged the unanimous adoption on Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives of a resolution urging the executive branch to launch an investigation into the possible abduction of American David Sneddon by North Korean agents while he was travelling in Yunnan Province China in August 2004. While claiming that the State Department has been cautious about investigating the case in the absence of clear evidence of kidnapping, the article said the congressional action will force the State Department, the CIA, and other USG entities to launch investigations. As Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga on Thursday welcomed the adoption of the resolution by the U.S. legislature, the daily expressed strong hope for closer coordination between Tokyo and Washington to resolve the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea. The ruling LDP is reportedly considering inviting Congressman Chris Stewart, who sponsored the motion, to Japan so as to deepen parliamentary cooperation for addressing North Korea’s wrongdoings.   

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