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Governor, legislator exchange heated words over construction at Henoko, Naha Airport

  • September 30, 2016
  • , Okinawa Times , p. 2
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Okinawa Times wrote that Governor Onaga responded sharply to a question from LDP legislator Suematsu at a prefectural assembly session on Thursday. Suematsu asked the governor why the prefectural government is handling construction at Henoko and Naha Airport differently despite the fact that both sites involve runway construction. Suematsu asked the governor why he  is not asking a third-party panel to review the approval of landfill work at Naha Airport like he did for Henoko. He also asked the governor whether he arbitrarily pointed out defects because he opposes the Henoko plan. Onaga said in reply: “Many people in Okinawa are supportive of the construction at Naha Airport, but against the Henoko project. I am not instigating the people of Okinawa. You shouldn’t look down on them.” Suematsu said: “There is no difference between the two sites, because they both involve runway construction. What you are saying no longer has anything to do with the law.” Onaga said in reply: “I am trying to fulfill my campaign pledge with confidence. Stopping the construction at Henoko will serve the will of the Okinawan people.”

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