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Clinton acknowledges Abe’s approach toward Northern Territories dispute with Russia

Yomiuri reported on a speech delivered in Washington on Wednesday by former Assistant Secretary of State Campbell, who disclosed that when meeting with Prime Minister Abe in New York on Sept. 19, Hillary Clinton was briefed on the Japanese leader’s approach toward resolving the Northern Territories dispute with Moscow. Campbell, who sat in on the session, explained that Clinton acknowledged Japan’s “strategic insights,” which revolve around improving ties with Moscow with the goal of settling the territorial dispute while at the same time maintaining sanctions over the annexation of Crimea and continuing diplomatic lobbying on the situation in Ukraine. Campbell said the U.S. should support Japan’s efforts to improve relations with Russia while cooperating with the international community on diplomacy.   


In a related story, Nikkei published a column on Clinton’s session with Abe, with Washington correspondent Yoshino asserting that the Democratic presidential candidate held a meeting with the Japanese leader with the goal of winning Ohio, one of key battleground states for the election since many residents there work for Honda and other Japanese companies. Pointing out that Clinton mentioned the word Japan twice in her recent TV debate with Donald Trump, the columnist claimed that the Democratic candidate was trying to call attention to her close bonds with Japan so as to encourage Ohio employees at Japanese plants to support her campaign. The writer added that although Trump mentioned Japan four times in the debate, he did not reiterate his previous claim that “Japan is stealing American jobs,” perhaps because he has realized that many Americans work for Japanese companies in Ohio and elsewhere. 


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