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DM Inada makes gaffes in Diet interpellations

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada called a Chinese fishing boat a “government ship” and used the term “military budget” for the defense budget during interpellation by Democratic Party President Renho at the House of Councillors Budget Committee on Oct. 5.


When talking about the incident in 2010 where a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japan Coast Guard patrol boats in waters off the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa, Inada said: “There was a collision of a Chinese government ship near the Senkakus which caused great commotion.” Explaining her past remarks in a magazine, Inada stated: “I said that if we are giving out child allowance when there are no revenue sources, we might as well increase the military budget.” The Self-Defense Forces is not an armed force under the constitution, so the government uses the term defense budget, rather than “military budget.”


Inada had also stated on Oct. 4 that “Chinese warships entered (the contiguous zone near the Senkakus).” She was reproached by the DP’s Yuichiro Goto, who told her “the Defense Ministry’s announcement said ‘ships’ or ‘vessels.’ You need to be careful with your words.”

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