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Abe, Koike may make “joint appearance” in campaigning for LDP candidate in Tokyo by-election

  • October 6, 2016
  • , Sankei , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

Arrangements are being made for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (LDP president) to give stump speeches with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike on Oct. 16 in support of the LDP candidate in the by-election for the Tokyo district No. 10 Lower House seat (election campaigning to kick off on Oct. 11; voting on Oct. 23), sources revealed on Oct. 5.


The LDP candidate for the Tokyo district is Lower House member Masaru Wakasa (proportional representation; Tokyo), who went against party line and supported Koike in Tokyo’s July gubernatorial election. The prime minister is aiming for an LDP victory in the by-election by making a “joint appearance” with Koike. Another objective is to show that he has made peace with Koike as there have been bad feelings between her and the LDP’s Tokyo chapter.


With the passing of former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kunio Hatoyama, a by-election will also be held in the Fukuoka district No. 6 (same schedule as the Tokyo by-election). In that race, Koike will back independent candidate Jiro Hatoyama, the second son of Kunio and former mayor of Fukuoka Prefecture’s Okawa City. Koike will give stump speeches in Fukuoka’s Kurume City among other places on Oct. 10, those affiliated with Jiro Hatoyama’s campaign said on Oct. 5. Koike shared close ties with Kunio Hatoyama when she was involved in environmental issues as an LDP Diet member.


The LDP’s Fukuoka chapter asked for LDP backing for Ken Kurauchi, a secretary to a Diet member; however, LDP Party Headquarters decided not to back any candidate.

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