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UN announces Paris accord to take effect on Nov. 4

NHK reported at noon that the United Nations announced on Wednesday that the Paris Agreement on global warming will enter into force on Nov. 4 since the agreement has been ratified by 73 nations, making up 56.87% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The network said the GOJ is planning to obtain cabinet endorsement of a bill seeking Diet approval of the agreement as early as Oct. 11 and submit the bill to the Diet for swift approval. Japan has been lagging behind other nations in the ratification process and is unlikely to be able to participate in COP22 in Morocco next month. The network quoted an expert as saying that the countries involved in the rulemaking will establish rules that are convenient for their industries. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga reportedly said in a press briefing this morning: “Negotiations on the guidelines of the Paris Agreement are being held by all of the participating nations, including Japan. Even after the agreement enters into force, having the same group participate in the negotiations is being considered.” When asked whether Japan’s absence at the inaugural meeting will have a negative impact on Japan, Suga reportedly said “no.”

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