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Japan protests China’s unilateral gas field development in East China Sea

10132016amalert12jpgWednesday evening’s Nikkei front-paged a report saying that China has been continuing its unilateral gas field development in the East China Sea even after the Japan-China summit meeting in China on Sept. 5, at which the two nations agreed to hold discussions toward resuming the talks on joint development. The GOJ has confirmed signs of new natural gas production at two drilling platforms this month, and MOFA posted on its website pictures of the platforms. MOFA Director for the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Kanasugi lodged a protest with the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday. This morning’s Yomiuri ran a similar report saying that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga stated at a news conference on Wednesday that Japan will continue to call on Beijing to halt its unilateral development in the region and resume talks on joint development.

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