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Bestsellers in September 2016

  • September 30, 2016
  • JMH Translation

The following is the monthly ranking of bestsellers released by book wholesaler Nippan Shuppan Hanbai Inc. (NIPPAN) on September 30:



Betatto 160822011.  Kaikyakuga Dekiruyouni Naru Hoho by Eiko

[Anyone can do a full split]


How to get flexible in four weeks.








2.  Kimi no Na wa by Makoto Shinkai

[Your Name]


This book written by Makoto Shinkai is a fantasy about two teenagers – a high school girl living in a village deep in the mountains, and a high school boy living in Tokyo – drawn together by body-swapping dreams. It has sold about 1,029,000 copies as of Sept. 20. The novel inspired the animated science fiction fantasy film of the same name directed by Shinkai. The film has been seen by more than 8 million people since its release in August.





3.  Kiken na Venus by Keigo Higashino

[Dangerous Venus]


Higashino is well-known for his mystery novels. His latest work is a story of an older brother, the main character, and the wife of his younger brother look for the missing younger brother.





Sep. 1

4.  Konbini Ningen by Sayaka Murata

[Convenience store people]


Murata writes about her real-life experience working at a convenience store in this book for which she was awarded the 155th Akutagawa Prize. In order to gain inspiration for characters and plots, she continues to work as a part-time employee at a convenience store even after winning the Akutagawa Prize and another  prestigious literary award, the Mishima Yukio Prize.




hagane5.  Hagane no mentaru by Naoki Hyakuta

[Mental toughness]


Naoki Hyakuta, who is known for his nationalistic comments, writes about ways to increase mental toughness. The “Eternal Zero,” a film based on his novel, was a hit in 2013.




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