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Moscow holds event to mark 60th anniversary of Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration

Oct. 19 marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration (Declaration of 1956), which brought an end to the state of war between the two nations in World War II.


To celebrate this milestone, a commemorative event was held on Oct. 19 at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki and Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Morgulov both attended. A documentary video was shown, and the friendly ties shared between Japan and Russia were emphasized as diplomatic negotiations intensify in advance of President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan in December.  


Ratified by both countries, the Declaration of 1956 restored diplomatic relations between the two nations and stipulated that the Habomai and the Shikotan Islands would be transferred to Japan after the nations concluded a peace treaty. Putin has interpreted the Declaration in a manner advantageous to his country, saying that the Declaration “does not specify which country will have sovereignty over the islands after the transfer.” In his remarks at the gathering, Ambassador Kozuki expressed high expectations that progress would be made in the negotiations, saying, “Japan-Russia relations have matured over the past 60 years, and it is regrettable that we have not concluded a peace treaty.”


Deputy Minister Morgulov said, “I hope that this 60th anniversary of the Declaration will see a new milestone in Russia-Japan relations.” A 98-year-old former Soviet diplomat involved in the negotiations with Japan 60 years ago also attended the event.

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