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Gaps between views of political parties on emperor’s abdication

  • October 20, 2016
  • , Asahi , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga clarified on Oct. 19 that the government aims to submit a bill to enable the emperor to abdicate to the regular Diet session next year and enact the bill.  With an eye on the emperor’s abdication in 2018, the government plans to look into creating a special law that would allow only the current emperor to abdicate. However, many in the pubic have called for a permanent abdication system and some opposition party members proposed at the Diet that the Imperial House Law be revised. The political parties remain split on the issue of abdication. (Abridged)


Political parties’ positions on emperor’s abdication

Political party

Approve or disapprove of special law

Remarks by senior party member

Liberal Democratic Party


I would like to state the LDP’s view after hearing the views of the expert panel. We are now calmly waiting to see what happens. (Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai)



The expert panel has apparently decided to present the points of contention early next year. We will keep an eye on the discussions. (Party leader Natsuo Yamaguchi)

Democratic Party


The points of contention are complicated. Discussions should be conducted with an eye on revision of the Imperial House Law. (Secretary General Yoshihiko Noda)

Japanese Communist Party


Since the issue is not related only to the current emperor, a rule should be established. The logical solution is to revise the Imperial House Law. (Secretary General Akira Koike)

Nippon Ishin no Kai


Out of consideration for the current emperor’s wishes, the issue must be resolved with a special law. (Secretary General Nobuyuki Baba)

Social Democratic Party


Our stance is that revising the Imperial House Law is needed, rather than a special law. (Party head Tadatomo Yoshida)

Liberal Party


Instead of a special law, the Imperial House Law should be revised. (Secretary General Denny Tamaki)

Party for Japanese Kokoro


In terms of timing, it would be difficult to revise the Imperial House Law. Establishing a special law would be more realistic. (Secretary General Masashi Nakano)



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