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Policy chiefs discuss Diet deliberations on TPP agreement

During NHK’s “Nichiyo Toron” debate show on Sunday, Policy chiefs from the LDP, Komeito, Democratic Party (DP), Japanese Communist Party (JCP), and Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) discussed the TPP. Vice Chairman of the LDP Policy Affairs Research Council Tamura stressed the need for Japan to swiftly ratify the TPP by saying that sufficient time has been spent on discussions in the Diet and ratification will boost Tokyo’s position in the international community. Tamura expressed hope that Japan’s ratification of the TPP will urge the U.S. to approve the accord and give Tokyo a stronger voice in international affairs. Vice Chairman of the Komeito Policy Research Council Ueda and Nippon Ishin policy chief Asada agreed on the need for early ratification. However, DP policy chief Ogushi said that it is not wise for Japan to approve the TPP agreement now because both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are opposed to it. Head of the JCP secretariat Koike called for thorough discussions on the matter. The panelists also discussed pension system reform and long working hours in Japan.

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