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Another sales tax hike delay in Japan “can’t be ruled out”: Aso

TOKYO, Oct. 28, Kyodo — Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Friday he cannot rule out the possibility of further delaying a consumption tax hike beyond October 2019 as scheduled after already being pushed back twice.


“Generally speaking, as we are dealing with a living creature called the economy, we can’t rule out the possibility” of delaying the sales tax hike to 10 percent from the current 8 percent once again, Aso told a session of the House of Representatives Financial Affairs Committee.


“As a politician, I have to say (we will implement the tax hike) a hundred percent, but there is always the possibility of (delaying a tax hike) because Japan is part of the global economy,” Aso said.


The finance minister also expressed the view that the consumption tax rate needs to be raised to maintain social security services.


“We have to make the utmost efforts to steer the economy” so the government can continue providing social security services, Aso added.

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