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Japan, India to seal nuclear cooperation agreement

  • November 6, 2016
  • , Yomiuri
  • JMH Summary

Sunday’s Yomiuri led with an article on a summit in Tokyo between Prime Minister Abe and his Indian counterpart Modi planned for Nov. 11, during which they will sign a civil nuclear cooperation agreement making it possible for Japan to export Japanese nuclear energy technology to India. This will be the first time for Tokyo to seal such a pact with a non-NPT member. According to several sources, the two governments plan to incorporate in an accompanying document language saying in effect that nuclear energy cooperation would be suspended in the event that India conducted a nuclear test. The daily wrote in a separate article that the Abe administration, which views exports of nuclear plants as a key tool for reinforcing the Japanese economy, has been anxious to conclude the accord so as to deepen ties with India and to counter China. The paper added, however, that doubts may be raised about whether India will refrain from conducting nuclear tests as a result of the agreement.


Meanwhile, Sunday’s Nikkei wrote in its top story that in his meeting with Modi, Abe is expected to propose that New Delhi adopt Japan’s shinkansen technology for the country’s high-speed rail projects, as well as a program for training local engineers to operate the trains. The paper also said the two leaders are likely to sign a memorandum on exporting 12 Japanese rescue aircraft worth about $1.5 billion for the Indian military.   

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