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Ruling, opposition lawmakers discuss Diet deliberations on TPP

During NHK’s “Nichiyo Toron” debate show on Sunday, LDP Deputy Secretary General Shimomura and Komeito Deputy Secretary General Saito called on the opposition parties to cooperate in passing the TPP legislation at a Lower House plenary meeting on Nov. 8. They also said it is not necessary for Agriculture Minister Yamamoto to step down over his recent gaffes about Diet deliberations on the TPP because he officially apologized for the remarks. However, Democratic Party Deputy Secretary General Fukuyama and other opposition panelists rejected the call by saying that the Lower House has not yet held sufficient discussions. They strongly called for Yamamoto’s resignation by saying that his remarks “making light of Diet deliberations” were unacceptable. While calling on the farm minister to reflect on his careless statements, Secretary General Baba of Nippon Ishin stressed his party’s position of supporting the TPP. Deputy Secretary General Wada of the Party for Japanese Kokoro said the Japanese public wants the Diet to hold meaningful discussions rather than engaging in a partisan tug of war.

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