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Opposition determined to block plenary vote on TPP bills on Tuesday

  • November 7, 2016
  • , TVAsahi
  • JMH Summary

Several broadcasters reported that the opposition camp is trying to prevent the Abe administration from passing the TPP legislation in the Lower House tomorrow, noting that it may submit a no-confidence motion against Agriculture Minister Yamamoto to hold him accountable for his “gaffes” in an attempt to thwart the ruling coalition’s plan to convene a plenary session to put the bills to a vote. DPJ Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Yamanoi reiterated today that Yamamoto must step down or face a no-confidence motion. TV-Asahi reported, however, that because the ruling side would vote down such a motion without fail, some opposition officials are insisting on not submitting it at least for now and instead stepping up criticism of the embattled minister even after the bills are sent to the upper chamber for further deliberation.  Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press this morning: “Mr. Yamamoto is deeply apologetic about his remarks…. We believe this legislation should be enacted as soon as possible.”   

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