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Kishida, Inada hope to gain Trump’s understanding of Japan’s foreign and security policies

NHK reported on Sunday that Foreign Minister Kishida and Defense Minister Inada appeared live on its “Nichiyo Toron” debate program earlier in the day and said PM Abe hopes to build a relationship of trust with President-elect Trump when they meet on Nov. 17 and help him to understand Japan’s foreign and security policies, including the importance of the U.S.-Japan alliance. “The Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing and most vibrant region in the international community. It serves the national interest of the U.S. to maintain its relations with the region,” said Kishida. “[The Nov. 17 meeting] will be an important venue to build a relationship of trust. It will also be a good opportunity to convey our basic position on foreign policy, including the importance of the bilateral alliance.” The foreign minister also said the view that Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty applies to the Senkakus will be upheld by the next administration because it has been reaffirmed by the two nations many times. Inada said: “We need to explain Japan’s position. The deepening and strengthening of the alliance will benefit the U.S. as well, and Japan is shouldering a substantial burden. I hope to explain how we are strengthening Japan’s defense capability both in terms of quality and quantity.”


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