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Interview: Tokyo should explain role of Japan-U.S. alliance to Trump

Japan should explain the role of the U.S. alliance with the Asian country to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and his team, former Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki has said. 

Tokyo should approach him to “provide more input on what the alliance means and what role it plays for the Asia Pacific region and the United States,” Fujisaki said in an interview with Jiji Press held after Trump won Tuesday’s presidential election.

 During his election campaign, Trump made remarks taken to indicate that the United States might end its obligations to defend Japan under the two countries’ security treaty.

Regarding concerns about a closer relationship between Japan and Russia apparently held by incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama, Fujisaki said that Trump is unlikely to take such a view.


Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin rate each other highly, said Fujisaki, now president of the America-Japan Society.

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