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Iowa governor pessimistic about TPP

  • November 17, 2016
  • , TVTokyo
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20161118 afternoon1TV-Tokyo on Thursday evening took up a press conference by Iowa Governor Branstad in Tokyo earlier in the day, in which he offered a pessimistic view of the effectuation of the TPP under the next U.S. administration. Asked about the prospects for the TPP, under which Japanese tariffs on U.S. beef, including Iowa products, will be gradually reduced from the present 38.5% to 9% in 16 years, the governor said: “I don’t think the new president will support [the TPP]. What’s more, the Democrats are even more opposed to the TPP than the Republicans. Both parties, both the Democratic Party and President-elect Trump, are opposed to the pact. I just don’t think that’s likely to change.” The network said the governor is currently visiting Japan to promote Angus beef and was described as a proponent of the TPP and supporter of President-elect Trump’s agricultural policy

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