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  • November 21, 2016
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NHK gave top play to a report that South Korean President Park’s personal confidant and two former aides were indicted for abuse of authority in connection with a political corruption scandal on Sunday. TBS reported on demonstrations against President Park in South Korea. NTV led with a report that the Nippon Ham Fighters participated in a parade in Sapporo on Sunday celebrating their Nippon Series victory. TV Asahi reported that President-elect Trump is being criticized by the U.S. media for having his daughter and her husband attend his meeting with Prime Minister Abe. Fuji TV led with a report that a car carrying Princess Kiko and her son Prince Hisahito was involved in an accident.


Lead items in national dailies included a meeting between Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Putin and the TPP summit in Lima, Peru, on Saturday on the sidelines of the APEC leaders’ meeting. The indictment of ROK President Park’s confidant and two former aides also received prominent front-page coverage.

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