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Nikkei poll: 56% do not welcome Trump as next U.S. president

Monday’s Nikkei front-paged the results of a telephone survey conducted by Nikkei and TV Tokyo on Nov. 25-27, which showed that 56% of respondents said it was not good that Trump elected as U.S. president, while 20% said it was good. The paper speculated that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric during the campaign caused the Japanese public to respond negatively to his election. Breaking the responses down by gender, 62% of women were critical of Trump, compared with 51% of men.


As the President-elect seems to have adopted a more pragmatic approach to some areas since the Nov. 8 election, 46% said that U.S.-Japan relations are unlikely to change under the Trump administration, while 34% expect ties to deteriorate and 6% expect them to improve.


Concerning Trump’s call on Japan to shoulder a heavier financial burden for maintaining the U.S. military presence in the nation, 51% said the current level of spending should be maintained, while 34% said Japan should reduce its spending and 5% said it should increase it.


The cabinet support rating was 58%, down 2 points from a month ago, while nonsupport stood at 30%, up 3 points.


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