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Kyodo poll: 86% opposed to Japan’s increase in host nation support

  • November 28, 2016
  • , Asahi
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Most Monday papers reported on the results of a nationwide telephone survey conducted on Nov. 26-27 by Kyodo News, in which 60.7%, up from 53.9% in October, supported the Abe cabinet. This was the first time for cabinet support to top 60% in a Kyodo poll since October 2013. The disapproval rating was 30.4%.


When asked about Japan’s host nation support, 86.1% of the respondents said it is not necessary for Japan to increase its spending, while 9.2% said it is. Concerning Japan’s response to President-elect Trump’s intention to withdraw from the TPP, 43.5% said Japan should move forward with ratifying the pact even if the U.S withdraws, while 43.2% said it is not necessary for Japan to proceed.


As for the GOJ’s plans to enhance economic cooperation with Russia in the hope of making progress in the talks on the Northern Territories, 53.2% were opposed to economic cooperation, while 36.6% were in favor of it. Concerning Prime Minister Abe’s planned meeting with President Putin in December in Yamaguchi, 70% said they do not expect progress to be made on the territorial issue, while 27.3% said they do.

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