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Trump administration to support Futenma relocation plan

  • November 28, 2016
  • , Okinawa Times
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Sunday’s Okinawa Times led with a report from Washington claiming that a draft document on the incoming Trump administration’s foreign and security policies includes language supporting the plan to build the FRF off Camp Schwab. The draft, which was reportedly based on a recommendation by the Heritage Foundation and written by National Security Adviser-designate Michael Flynn, states: “We continue to support the present Okinawa Marines relocation plan that the U.S. and the Japanese governments are committed to…. Remarkable progress has been made in the FRF construction and the realignment and consolidation of existing bases and facilities.” The document also mentions the incoming Republican administration’s policy of enhancing the U.S. presence in Asia by steadily implementing the present force realignment initiatives, including the transfer of Marines to Guam and Hawaii from Okinawa. The draft will be finalized by the new secretary of defense.


In an accompanying article, the daily said that since many officials in the Trump transition team are supporters of the Marines, the chances are high that the draft will be adopted as is. According to a source close to Vice President-elect Pence, a strong proponent of strengthening the USMC, the transition team has no objections to the present Henoko plan financed by the Japanese government. The paper said that although it is highly unlikely that the next U.S. administration will conduct a review of the Futenma relocation plan, some Okinawa officials are calling for Governor Onaga to visit Washington at an early date to try to make that happen.

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