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Poll shows Japanese perplexed by Trump’s election

TV Asahi reported at noon on the results of its opinion survey conducted over the weekend, which showed that 48% welcomed the meeting between PM Abe and President-elect Trump in New York, while 33% did not. The network said while 45% of respondents were “not sure” how Trump’s election will affect Japan, 44% said they think it will have a negative impact and 11% said they think it will have a positive impact. On the TPP, 39% expressed support for obtaining approval during the current Diet session, 31% expressed disapproval, and 30% said they don’t know. Regarding allowing the SDF deployed in South Sudan to carry out “rush to the rescue” operations, 51% of respondents were not supportive and 34% were supportive. Public approval for the Abe cabinet was 50.0%, up 0.5 points from last month, and nonsupport was 30.7%, up 1.3 points.

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