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SDF recruitment flyer calls Defense Minister Inada “not dependable”

  • November 25, 2016
  • , Kyodo News
  • English Press

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have recalled recruitment flyers that said Defense Minister Tomomi Inada is “not dependable enough,” while highlighting her gender, an SDF provincial office said Friday.


The A4-size advertisement, made by a male SDF member at the office in Odate, Akita Prefecture, said, “Defense Minister Inada is not dependable enough, but we want a dependable person like you to challenge yourself (to a career in the SDF)!” Just after the minister’s name, the word “woman” was inserted in parenthesis.


“It is extremely regrettable that the flyers treat the minister in such a way,” Hirofumi Takeda, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said, adding the ministry is considering giving some punishment to the member.


After being told about the issue, Inada instructed ministry officials to “continue to check the facts,” according to the spokesman.


The SDF member in his 40s printed 130 flyers in late October, and placed them at nine locations in Odate and Kitaakita in the northern prefecture, according to the SDF’s Akita Provincial Cooperation Office.

The ministry spokesman declined to disclose the member’s status except his age group because it is “personal information.”


The provincial cooperation office had collected 113 flyers by Friday afternoon.

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