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White House welcomes Abe’s planned visit to Pearl Harbor

All Tuesday evening papers front-paged reports on a press briefing on Monday by White House Press Secretary Earnest, during which he welcomed Prime Minister Abe’s announcement on his plan to visit Pearl Harbor later this month by saying it will further underscore the benefits of pursuing peace and reconciliation. When asked about U.S. veterans’ response to the prime minister’s visit to Pearl Harbor, the press secretary said that most Americans would warmly receive Abe’s statement expressing his resolve to never repeat the tragedy of war. Earnest added that although some veterans may feel embittered, many will set aside their own personal bitterness, not because they are satisfied by the words of the prime minister, but because they recognize how important the visit will be for the United States. Hawaii Governor Ige told Yomiuri that he believes that this will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the strong ties between the U.S. and Japan.


This morning’s Yomiuri wrote that attention will be focused on the language to be used by Abe in the statement he issues at the USS Arizona Memorial. The paper wrote that although the GOJ does not plan to include an expression of apology because the visit is for the purpose of remembering the victims of Japan’s attack in 1941, it is possible that calls for an apology will increase in the U.S., especially from veterans.

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