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Abe’s Pearl Harbor visit draws attention to his strategy for Lower House dissolution

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s announcement of his plan to visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii has drawn a great deal of attention to his strategy for the dissolution of the House of Representatives. While there is an opinion that the political schedule after the end of the year is too tight for the dissolution of the Lower House, there is also speculation that domestic and international recognition of Abe’s achievements will serve as a tailwind in the management of the administration, so the Lower House might be dissolved in early 2017.


Political schedule and possible timing for Lower House dissolution



Dec. 7

Party leaders’ debate

Dec. 14

Extraordinary Diet session adjourns

Dec. 15

Japan-Russia summit (in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Dec. 16

Japan-Russia summit (in Tokyo)

Late December

Cabinet approval of proposed FY17 budget

Dec. 26

Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (until Dec. 27)



Abe visits the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries.

Jan. 20

Inauguration of President Donald Trump

Some time in January

Regular Diet session convenes

Announcement of issues to be discussed by the Advisory Council on Easing the Burden of the Official Duties and Public Activities of His Majesty the Emperor?

Lower House dissolution?


Formal decision on extending the term of the president at the LDP convention


Deadline for panel to make recommendations on Lower House election system reform, rezoning


Government to submit amendments to the Public Office Election Law to the Diet on rezoning




Enactment of amended Public Office Election Law


                 ↓ about a month of public notification period


Amended Public Office Election Law takes effect, making Lower House election under new zones possible


Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election

After fall

Lower House dissolution?




Abe’s term as LDP president ends


Lower House members’ term of office expires


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