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Government sets May 2019 as deadline for JA Zen-Noh reforms

  • December 7, 2016
  • , Yomiuri , p. 10
  • JMH Translation

Regional Revitalization Minister Kozo Yamamoto stated at a news conference on Dec. 6 that “we need to come to a common understanding that the deadline” for JA Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations), which deals in the procurement and sales of agricultural materials, to implement its reforms is “2019.”


The government’s Council on Regulatory Reform concluded at its meeting on the same day that the deadline for JA Zen-Noh reforms is “May 2019.” The intent is to pressure JA Zen-Noh to speed up its reforms by setting a deadline of two years and six months from now.


The “program for enhancing agricultural competitiveness” compiled by the government in late November asked that JA Zen-Noh downsize its business of buying and selling agricultural materials and implement other reforms but left the deadline ambiguous, using the expression “during the period of intensive reform of agricultural cooperatives.”


As a result, the concerned parties are divided with regard to the deadline of the “intensive reforms.” Some interpret this to mean “2019,” five years from June 2014, when the policy of agricultural cooperatives reform was adopted, while some maintain that the deadline is “2021,” or five years from last April, when the amended Agricultural Cooperatives Law entered into force.

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