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LDP approves a bill on gender equality in politics

  • December 10, 2016
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

The Liberal Democratic Party approved a “bill to promote gender equality in politics” at its General Council meeting on Dec. 9. The bill stipulates that “efforts should be made to achieve gender equality as much as possible” in fielding candidates for national and local elections and that political parties are required to work hard toward this goal. It presented the bill to the Diet on the same day together with the Komeito Party and the Japan Innovation Party (Nippon Ishin).


The LDP identifies the bill as a basic law in preparation for introducing a “quota system,” which is designed to allocate a certain number of seats or candidates to women in state and local elections. Out of consideration for conservative opponents, the bill does not make the introduction of a quota system mandatory. It is non-binding and simply establishes a basic principle.  


The Democratic Party and other opposition parties submitted to the previous ordinary Diet session a similar bill that calls for “aiming for equal numbers to the extent possible.”


The LDP seeks to enact the bill by coordinating onions with the DP and other opposition parties. But a bill to promote integrated resorts centering on casinos (casino bill) is still being deliberated at the Special Committee on the Cabinet in the House of Councillors. Due to the tight schedule, it remain to be seen whether the bill will be enacted. (Abridged)

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